Delta WYE Transformer?


A delta-wye transformer is a transformer that converts 3-phase electric power that has no neutral wire into 3-phase power that has a neutral wire. It can be either a single three-phase transformer, which is mostly used in Europe, or built from three independent single-phase units, which is popular in North America.
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If you have to ask . You are unqualified to do. This is not a simple wiring problem. 3 phase is industrial power and should be handled by someone licenced. There are dozens of reasons
The formula is Gy:1/R1+1/R1+1/R2; Gy=833.3333m]
( ′del·tə ′mach·iŋ tranz′för·mər ) (electricity) Impedance device used to match the impedance of an open-wire transmission
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