What are denarii?


Denarii, the plural form of denarius, are small silver coins that were part of the Roman currency system. The denarius was first minted around 211 BC. It weighed about 4.5 grams and was the approximate equivalent of a day's wage for a common laborer or soldier.

The denarius was the mainstay of Roman currency throughout the final centuries of the Roman Republic and remained important during the period encompassing the Roman Empire until it was replaced by the antoninianus in the middle of the third century. Denarii are often mentioned as the currency in circulation in the New Testament section of the Bible, such as in the book of Matthew.

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A denarius was a Roman silver coin containing about 3 grams or 3.9 grams of pure silver. It's difficult to give its present day worth because its value would depend on the price of
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In the book of Matthew chapter 18:24, there is a story of a servant who owed ten thousand talents to the king. Let¡¯s do some calculating: 1 talent equals to 6,000 denarii
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a silver coin and monetary unit of ancient Rome, first issued in the latter part of the 3rd century b.c., that fluctuated in value and sometimes appeared as a bronze coin.
a gold coin of ancient Rome equal to 25 silver denarii; aureus.
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One denarii is worth just a little over $0.01 in US currency. A denarii is no longer used and was the currency of Ancient Rome. ...
The word aureus refers to a gold coin that was of ancient Rome and it was valued at 25 silver denarii. It was in existence from the 1st century BC to the 4th century ...
Roman money was in metal coins. One coin was called a denarius and was made from melted metal. One gold Aureus was equivalent to 25 denarii. On the other hand, ...
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