Dental Fistula?


A dental fistula which is also called a gum boil or a parulis is an infection at the base of the tooth which forms inflamed pus. Dental fistula if not treated starts with a tooth abscess and normally ends on the gingiva or slightly in the oral vestibule.
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Definition. A fistula is an unnatural connection between organs or blood vessels. For example, a person could develop a fistula between loops in their intestines, connecting the two
Much of this answer is based on an article by. James Cade, DDS. Clinical Dentist, Honeycutt Family Dentistry, and I take no credit for myself. I tried to take the most relevant parts
The fistula that you are concerned about may still be in the process of healing. It can take months for the overlying gums to heal completely and in some cases there may still be
An AV fistula has proven to be the best kind of vascular access for people whose veins are large enough, not only because it lasts longer but it is also less likely than other types
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