Dental Fistula?


A dental fistula which is also called a gum boil or a parulis is an infection at the base of the tooth which forms inflamed pus. Dental fistula if not treated starts with a tooth abscess and normally ends on the gingiva or slightly in the oral vestibule.
Q&A Related to "Dental Fistula?"
A fistula occurs when two organs that do not normally connect are connected together, or form a passage between them. Usually it is medically done for therapeutic reasons. Look here
A fistula is an unnatural connection between organs or blood vessels. For example, a person could develop a fistula between loops in their intestines, connecting the two loops with
Answer In medicine it is an abnormal connection between cells or organs that normally do not connect
A dental fistula is a kind of tunnel in the gum that conducts pus. The more common name is a gum boil. This is usually treated by draining the pus, and then disinfecting the area
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