Depositional Environment?


A depositional environment also called a sedimentary environment is a specific environment where sediments are deposited. It is of great importance in that geologists are able to reconstruct the past climates, past life forms and the past geography where mountains, large rivers and basins were.
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In geology, sedimentary depositional environment describes the
Yusuf: Despite being a carbonate stratigrapher by training, I am not familiar with some of those terms. Here is what I know though. In general, all deepening is rapid. So maybe
Grain size - basically, the further away from the source (provenance) the smaller than grains become. Grain roundness - relates to maturity, the more the sand is winnowed, the more
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Coal is formed in depositional environments which have basic constituents of moisture, volatile matter, fixed carbon, ash and sulphur. It usually tends to accumulate ...
Deposition of sediments in a marine environment (ocean or sea). ...
Although the Tundra is a very harsh environment, it has a very rich deposit of different minerals underground. Examples of such minerals are uranium and manganese ...
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