Definition of Derived Traits?


A derived trait is a feature that appears in the most recent organism, but not in its ancestor as a result of mutation. That is, it is said to be present in an organism, but absent in the last known ancestor of the organism. The same is also the case for traits that may have been present in the predecessors, but absent in current organisms.
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A derived trait is a trait that is new to an orginism
Derived traits are those that just appeared in the most recent ancestor -- the one that gave rise to a newly
what is meant by "derived trait" bipedal goes very very far back. Chimps "knuckle walk" the advantage to standing and using the free hands is huge.
Angiosperm derived characteristics: Flowers; Stamens with 2 pairs of pollen sacs; Reduced male parts, 3 cells; Closed carpel enclosing the ovules; Endosperm. report this answer. Updated
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A derived trait is a trait that is present in an organism, but it was not present in it's previous ancestor. Derived means advanced. The organism is considered ...
Turtle evolutionary timeline was dated to 210-220 million years ago by evolutionists. The trait that was derived most recently on the evolutionary timeline is ...
Derived trait. ...
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