What Is a Derringer?


A derringer is a small pistol that has a large calibre and is very effective at close range. It is the smallest usable handgun of a large calibre and they were often used by women because they could easily fit as a stocking gun in a purse.
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1. Open the breach of the derringer. Ensure that there are no bullets loaded and that the barrels look clean. Load each barrel with a bullet, making sure they are both well seated
A Derringer is A short-barreled pistol that has a large bore and is small enough to be carried
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an early short-barreled pocket pistol.
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The value of a 22 Derringer pistol varies with the condition of the gun. You can probably buy one for around $50. However, it would be reasonable to assume that ...
Davis Industries was a manufacturing company of several versions of the Derringer. Their guns were of low quality, with many gun reviewers calling them junk guns ...
The Darringer is a very small pistol that women can carry in their purses. The Darringer gets it's name from Henry Darringer, who was famous for his small pistols ...
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