What Is a Descriptive Word?


A descriptive word is a key word or phrase that paints a clear picture of something. Descriptive words are very common features of essay writing and they help tell a story about something very clearly. Words and phrase such as, melodramatic, inspirational and 'slip and fell' are examples of descriptive words.
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What Is a Descriptive Word?
Typically, descriptive words fall under two categories: adjectives and adverbs. Descriptive words are a great way to elevate the level of your speech or your writing. By adding adjectives and adverbs to a sentence, you are inserting a greater amount of... More »
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A descriptive word is called an adjective. Some examples of adjectives are pretty, yellow, scary, furry, and silly.
Some character descriptive words are able and accepting. Boastful, bold and brave are also character traits. Character traits are used to describe a person.
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