What Is a Deskjet Printer?


A DeskJet printer is a type of inkjet printer that creates digital images by thrusting droplets of ink onto pieces of paper. It is the most commonly used computer printer and it is manufactured by the Hewlett-Packard Company.
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Printers in HP's Officejet series, such as the Pro 8500 model, offer businesses the benefits of wireless technology, scanning capabilities, a color LCD touch-screen and duplex printing
Basically these two printers print with equal quality, but the main difference is that the Officejet is bigger, faster, and will cost you more money. They are most commonly found
A printer is a device that takes graphic elements of an electronic document, and copies them to paper. This can be done using many differnt technologies, the most popular being ink
When the HP Deskjet 1050 printer first came out, it sold
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What Is a Deskjet Printer?
According to the HP website, Deskjet printers are a brand of inkjet printers manufactured by Hewlett Packard. In 2008, HP Deskjets were the top-selling brand of inkjet printers in the world.... More »
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An inkjet is a type of printer technology that sprays ionized ink onto a medium, and Deskjet is a brand of inkjet printers by Hewlett Packard. Both utilizes a ...
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