What Is a Detainer Warrant?


A detainer warrant refers to a legal term that is used in criminal law as well as landlord-tenant law to inform one to appear in court. However, it can have different meanings depending on which type of law is being applied. The duality of the term can cause confusion if used in the wrong context.
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. If you're not out when the notice time is up, the landlord may take you to court to regain possession of the property and to collect back rent. The judge will issue a DETAINER WARRANT
The job of the Army warrant officer is very specialized. Most Army warrant officers serve as middle management, and often times act as liaisons between commissioned officers and enlisted
The complaintant or complaintants are the people that have gathered evidence through investigation and then formed the proper charges based upon probable cause that are then put into
Short answer: A peace officer in California can submit an arrest warrant affidavit of probable cause to a judge without a corresponding criminal filing with the court by the district
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What Is a Detainer Warrant?
Legal terms sometimes can be confusing, especially when the same legal term means two different things. Such is the case with term "detainer warrant." One meaning relates to landlord-tenant law, and the other relates to criminal law.... More »
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