What is a dewlap?


A dewlap is the flap of fat and skin that hangs down under the jaws of many vertebrates. The term can also refer to other structures in the same area of the body like the vocal sac of a frog.

Dewlaps serve varying purposes for different animals. Lizards can inflate and deflate their dewlaps to communicate with other lizards. Female rabbits develop dewlaps when they are ready to reproduce. They often pull fur from their dewlaps to line their nests for their young. Moose use the dewlap to scent-mark females and that the size of a moose’s dewlap may indicate its dominance level.

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A dewlap is a flap of skin hanging from the lower jaw or neck in a vertebrate. It can also refer to structures with a similar aspect, such as a double chin or the vocal sac of a frog
Answer a dewlap is mass of skin under a rabbits neck Answer A fold of skin that depends from the neck. It's a normal feature; not a condition. This occurs in dogs and humans as well
Dewlap:1:a hanging fold of loose skin on an elderly person's
dewlap: a hanging fold of loose skin on an elderly person's neck
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[doo-lap, dyoo-]
a pendulous fold of skin under the throat of a bovine animal.
any similar part in other animals, as the wattle of fowl or the inflatable loose skin under the throat of some lizards.
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