What Is a Dial up Connection and How Does It Work?


A Dial up Connection is a temporary, non-dedicated internet connection which is made by ordinary telephone lines through dialling an internet service provider's number. It is established by a modem which joins the computer to phone lines. When a user instigates a dial-up connection, the modem dials a phone number of an Internet Service Provider which then establishes the connection followed by several beeping and buzzing sounds.
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1. Connect the phone cable to the phone line and plug the opposite end of the cable in the "Internet" port on the dial-up modem. The dial-up modem needs to be an external
1. Call a internet service provider (Bell, Rogers, Wightman) to obtain your internet service. While you are on the phone setting up your account the customer care person should then
Dial-up internet is an access method which allows a computer end-terminal (often emulated in a PC) using a modem connected to any standard telephone connection to make a phone call
Dial-up is a temporary internet connection made over ordinary telephone lines by dialing
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A dial up connection is a way of accessing internet through the use of a land line telephone which is then connected to your Internet service provider (ISP) then eventually connects you to the internet. For it to connect one has to make the physical connection between his or her computer to the telephone and click connect which will then call the ISP and your local computer will acquire a protocol address.
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