What Is a Dilapidation Survey?


A dilapidation survey also called a structural survey is the review of an existing structural condition of surrounding structures and infrastructure before a construction, demolition or development starts. All faults such as cracks, distortion, leakages, cracks and other building imperfections are recorded in written notes and photographs.
Q&A Related to "What Is a Dilapidation Survey"
dilapidation is deterioration due to old age or or long use that reduces quality or strength of a structure.
Quantity surveying is a person that work primarily for construction work. They go to school and learn all that needs to be done. The things that they deal with cost and contracts.
A dilapidated home is a house that has been neglected, abused, or in a state of
Drawing a circular curve begins with two tangents, or lines, that intersect. These lines represent two roadways and an intersection. The process begins with drawing a line between
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