What Is a Disadvantage of Nuclear Energy?


A disadvantage of nuclear energy is difficulties that are involved in the disposal of the radioactive waste that is generates. Studies have shown that, the waste has to be carefully stored for a few thousand years before they are disposed. Nuclear power plants can also be targeted by terrorists, which can have catastrophic effects throughout the world.
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Coal produces CO2, and also sulphur dioxide depending on the sulphur content of the coal used, and these are released to the atmosphere during operation. Nuclear energy produces radioactive
One of the most significant benefits of nuclear energy is that nuclear plants would produce energy even after coal and oil become scarce.
Enrico Fermi first experimented with nuclear fission in 1934 when he bombarded uranium with neutrons. Scientists soon realized that the neutrons split the nucleus of the uranium atoms
Nuclear bombs, nuclear power plants, the sun.
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Nuclear power is cost effective and produces a lot of energy. It does not rely on fossil fuels and produces very little air pollution. That being said, it creates radioactive waste and can emit harmful radiation into the surrounding environment.
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