What Is a Disadvantage of Nuclear Energy?


A disadvantage of nuclear energy is difficulties that are involved in the disposal of the radioactive waste that is generates. Studies have shown that, the waste has to be carefully stored for a few thousand years before they are disposed. Nuclear power plants can also be targeted by terrorists, which can have catastrophic effects throughout the world.
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The waste is hazardous and difficult to store. There is some potential danger in operating a nuclear power plant (cf. Chernobyl and Three Mile Island) but the principal disadvantage
One of nuclear power's main advantages is that it creates no direct air pollution, unlike coal or natural gas. The only emissions are incidental, such as the exhaust from maintenance
Nuclear Energy, DISADVANTAGES: Nuclear explosions produce radiation,
The major disadvantage is the disposal of the radioactive waste. Safety-wise they have a better record than other energy production facilites, although I will admit that when they
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Nuclear power is cost effective and produces a lot of energy. It does not rely on fossil fuels and produces very little air pollution. That being said, it creates radioactive waste and can emit harmful radiation into the surrounding environment.
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