What Is a Dishonorable Discharge?


Dishonourable discharge is a term used in military to describe a punitive expulsion from the military rather than an administrative discharge. They are handed down due to reprehensible conduct and it may be rendered by conviction at a general court-martial only for serious offences such as cowardice, murder, sexual assault and desertion.
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If the military member is discharged dishonorably, he loses his Veterans Administration (VA) educational benefits, housing loans, medical and funeral benefits and other military benefits
Unbecoming conduct (criminal or immoral activity) AWOL, poor service record, basically anything that is deemed to put the military in a bad light could be grounds for a dishonorable
Dishonorable Discharge (DD) Determines the "quality of service" in accordance with standards.
A dishonorable discharge is what you get when you are convicted of a serious offense by a general court martial. It is a punitive discharge rather than an administrative discharge
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What Is a Dishonorable Discharge?
A discharge from the military is the act by which a servicemember is alleviated from all unfulfilled military duties. There are many types of discharges, including general and honorable, but the worst kind is a dishonorable discharge, which is given for... More »
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You can get a job with a dishonorable discharge. In fact, in many states you cannot be barred from consideration for employment so there is some legal recourse ...
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