What Is a Dishonorable Discharge?


Dishonourable discharge is a term used in military to describe a punitive expulsion from the military rather than an administrative discharge. They are handed down due to reprehensible conduct and it may be rendered by conviction at a general court-martial only for serious offences such as cowardice, murder, sexual assault and desertion.
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A dishonorable discharge, in many states considered equivalent to a felony conviction, goes on your permanent criminal record and remains there as would a conviction in any other
Unbecoming conduct (criminal or immoral activity) AWOL, poor service record, basically anything that is deemed to put the military in a bad light could be grounds for a dishonorable
A dishonorable discharge is given only by a general court-martial a...
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What Is a Dishonorable Discharge?
A discharge from the military is the act by which a servicemember is alleviated from all unfulfilled military duties. There are many types of discharges, including general and honorable, but the worst kind is a dishonorable discharge, which is given for... More »
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An individual with a dishonorable or bad conduct discharge from the military may be unable to find employment in any federal or state government. One may still ...
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