Dishonoured Cheques?


A dishonoured cheque is a cheque that cannot be credited at the bank for a variety of reasons such as unavailability of sufficient funds or in a case where the drawer has stopped the crediting process. In some circumstances it is also referred to as a bounced cheque.
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A Dishonoured Cheque is a Cheque that is not credited by the Bank under numerous of reasons such as: Signature does not match; the account that have the cheque have insufficient funds
A dishonoured cheque is when someone cannot pay the amount of money that they owe (as stated on the cheque) because they don't have enough money in their bank account. It is recorded
Hi Manoj, You can give notice by advocate and file proceedings u/s138 of Negotiable Instruments Act. If you are nearby welcome to my office with details at A.P.Pawse Advocate Ramchandra
A cheque may be dishonoured due to various reasons like insufficiency of funds in the
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