What is a dog's knot?


A "dog's knot" refers to what a male dog's penis does during the act of mounting a female to prevent the female from running off until ejaculation is completed. Once the male dog's penis is inside the female dog, it becomes engorged with blood creating a knot that keeps the two dogs together until the act of mating reaches completion.

After the male dog ejaculates into the female, hopefully causing impregnation, the two dogs must wait until the penis swelling subsides allowing them to separate. The amount of time this takes varies from dog to dog depending on size and breed.

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In engineering, a dogs 'knot' is an enlarged section of a rod or pipe to
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The term dog knot in engineering is an enlarged section of a pipe or a rod used to retain it in a hole the size of the dog knot is dependent on the size of the ...
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