What does a dolphin eat?


Dolphins are marine creatures that are considered to be among the most intelligent animals on earth. Dolphins eat a variety of foods depending on the species. These foods include fish, squid, plankton, herring and cod.
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It is generally accepted that there are two types of bottlenose dolphins in the world. The first is the common bottlenose dolphin, and the second is the Indo-Pacific bottlenose dolphin
They eat fish, squid and sometimes kelp.
The Mediterranean diet is exactly what the name suggests -- the diet of those lucky people who live around the Mediterranean. High in flavor and nutrition, it might seem to many to
The various Mayo Diet incarnations almost always emphasize grapefruit at every meal. Cabbage soup is another common ingredient. The diet lets you eat all you want of the specified
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Dolphins are carnivorous aquatic animals and they feed primarily on fishes, squids, and crustaceans. The foods available to a dolphin differ with the geographic location in which it is.
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