What are the dolphin's predators?


Dolphin predators are the large sharks found in the ocean. They are the ones that dare to attack the dolphins because they are known to be pretty tough. Some fishermen also kill dolphins because they think that dolphins are going to ruin their targeted catch.
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some other small fish, maybe some special food for dolphins but that's in the zoo, the ones who live 'na dziko' in the sea mostly eat fish.
Sharks are the only regular predator of the Dolphin, however Orcas will eat pretty much
some sharks like tiger sharks and heres a site i hope it helps. Source(s) http://www.animalcorner.co.uk/marine/dolphins/dolphins_striped.html.
Many cultures find fried caterpillars a delicacy. Humans are a major caterpillar predators, especially in parts of Africa where caterpillars are harvested daily as a nutritional delicacy
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Common dolphin predators are sharks and killer whales.
Dolphins are considered to be among the largest sea mammals. Despite their size, they also have a number of predators. These include sharks that feed on them. Their other main predator is man who hunts them for food.
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