What is a double bubble map?


A double bubble map is a type of thinking map. According to Thinking Maps, double bubble maps are a tool to compare and contrast two different items or points.

A double bubble map is much like a Venn Diagram. The two center circles hold the items being compared. The outside bubbles hold items, descriptive phrases and other factors that describe only the object to which they are connected. The bubbles on the inside that connect to both center circles contain information that pertains to both the items in the center circles. As a result, the double bubble map shows areas in which the two items differ and others in which they share similar traits.

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1. Find two subjects that you desire to compare and contrast. Making a double bubble map can help you to understand the similarities and differences of the subjects in an easier way
it is a map of thing that are in your head you write it down on the paper you people who dont know what a bubble map is you stink.
A double bubble chart is a graphic organizer that has students reflect on constituent
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