What Is a Double Crochet Stitch?


Double crochet is a style of stitching that is taller than single crocheting. It is the best stitching for sweaters, shawls or different style of placement mats. This type of crochet is more solid/compact but not stiff and is easy to produce a wide range of patterns.
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We are going to make a sample swatch to get used to the double crochet stitch. Begin by chaining 15 stitches loosely. If you do not know how to make chain stitches, refer to the resource
You'll have to be much more specific - perhaps include what happens in the stitch, like when you would half-double, double, and/or triple crochet, or a link to a video of the stitch
A Single crochet stitch is the most popular, basic and common crochet
The post is the rest of the stitch below the top loop. Normally, a crochet stitch is made through the top loop of a double crochet but some special stitches and techniques call for
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