What Is the Difference between a Single Pole Breaker and a Double Pole Breaker?


A double pole breaker is a circuit breaker used in supplying power top 240 V circuits. It is a safety device that protects the wiring system whenever there is a short on either side of the voltage flow. The breaker trips whenever it senses excess power to prevent disasters such as electrical fires.
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Double pole circuit breakers are most commonly used to obtain 220 volts at the main panel. Usually the services that enter a house are 110- and 200-amp services. To get 220 volts
A single pole breaker is made or used to protect the panel buss for 110 volt devices, A double pole breaker protects the buss for 220 volt devices.
Double-pole breakers use two spaces in your electric panel versus one space by a single-pole breaker.
a double pole breaker is designed to protect 220 volt circuits (hot water heater or stove) A 220 volt circuit has two hot lines and the double pole breaker will trip if either line
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What Is a Double Pole Breaker?
Double pole breakers are circuit breakers used to deliver power to 240-volt circuits while preventing electrical hazards. They are required for many household devices and appliances, and deliver twice the power of a single pole breaker.... More »
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