What Is the Difference between a Single Pole Breaker and a Double Pole Breaker?


A double pole breaker is a circuit breaker used in supplying power top 240 V circuits. It is a safety device that protects the wiring system whenever there is a short on either side of the voltage flow. The breaker trips whenever it senses excess power to prevent disasters such as electrical fires.
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1. Turn off the power to the service panel at the main breakers. These main breakers are labeled and normally found at the top of the service panel. 2. Remove the panel covering the
A single pole breaker is made or used to protect the panel buss for 110 volt devices, A double pole breaker protects the buss for 220 volt devices.
Double-pole breakers use two spaces in your electric panel versus one space by a single-pole breaker.
a double pole breaker is designed to protect 220 volt circuits (hot water heater or stove) A 220 volt circuit has two hot lines and the double pole breaker will trip if either line
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What Is a Double Pole Breaker?
Double pole breakers are circuit breakers used to deliver power to 240-volt circuits while preventing electrical hazards. They are required for many household devices and appliances, and deliver twice the power of a single pole breaker.... More »
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