What Is a Dragee?


A drages is a colourful covered candy with a tough outer shell and softer centre, often used for beautification, in addition to eating. This term can also be used to refer to a petite metallic sugar spheres that is used to crown holiday cakes and cookies.
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What Is a Dragee?
A dragée is a small coated candy filled with such items as nuts, jelly beans and chocolate, according to the "Oxford Companion to Food." The word also can refer to metallic sugar spheres used to decorate baked goods.... More »
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Dragee is silvery candy beads used for decorating cakes.
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Dragées originated in France. They may have been developed by apothecaries who sugar-coated pills or medications. Dragée means to dredge in French, according to YumSugar.com
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A dragee can refer to a sugar coated medication or a silver-coated candy bead for decorating cakes. ...
Dragees are bite sized form of confectionery that is coated with a colorful hard shell. A form of dragges is known as Jordan almonds. They are almonds that are ...
Silvery candy beads used for decorating cakes, sugar-coated nut or fruit piece, pill that is a sugar-coated medicated candy. ...
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