What Is a Dragon Tie in Roof Construction?


A dragon tie is a tie that runs to the top-plates at corners to support the dragon beam. A dragon beam is a beam that runs diagonally between the top-plates at the corners to support the foot of a hip rafter.
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Is the sheetrock hung yet? I have never seen hoop iron used to tie down trusses. We use H1 clips around here, you should call your building official and ask how they are supposed
if you post more detail about the size of the house and the porch, I may be able to get it more accurate. The following is the tie in for a hip roof of 10/12 pitch. The porch roof
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To construct a roof, decide on the height and width of the roof and place the rafters then connect tie and collar beams. Staple sheath onto the rafters then place ...
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