What is a dragonfly's habitat?


Dragonflies thrive in freshwater environments, and they live in temperate, tropical and terrestrial locations. Immature dragonflies are born in bodies of freshwater, and they require nutrients derived exclusively from freshwater sources to survive. Upon maturing, however, adult dragonflies gravitate towards land, but still require adjacent bodies of freshwater for food and sustenance.

Dragonflies reside primarily near bodies of freshwater (such as small streams and ponds) that do not contain fish. However, they may also appear in shallow freshwater habitats and take up residence along adjacent shorelines. Dragonflies do not migrate, but they leave on daily excursions to hunt in fields, meadows and other open areas that are void of thick trees and vision-impairing vegetation.

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Its a place where dragonflys normally stay, like in weeds and if there babys then in streams. Its a place where dragonflys normally stay, like in weeds and if there babys then in
The dragonfly likes to dine on other insects smaller than himself of course. Using their very powerful jaws they will eat butterflies, mosquitos and their favorite the tiny fly.
Dragonflies are big insects, reaching about 4 inches in body length. These large insects help in the control of several agricultural plagues, such as ants and caterpillars. As active
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Dragonflies live near lakes, rivers, ponds, streams, marshes and other bodies of fresh water around the world.
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