Dragonfly Habitat?


A dragonfly's habitat is an area in or near a permanent water source with a stable surrounding environment. Some species of the dragonfly prefer marshy land while others prefer areas with clean and cool running waters. These habitats vary greatly according to the species but are usually unpolluted areas.
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dragonflies live in small streams or ponds.
A dragonfly is an insect belonging to the order Odonata, the suborder
They like swampy, marshy areas that have a lot of plants, so that there is spots to rest, hunt, find mates and breed. Open water, or water that is deep without shallow water plants
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Dragonflies live near lakes, rivers, ponds, streams, marshes and other bodies of fresh water around the world.
Dragonflies live in non-polluted, moist environments. Depending on their species, their habitats vary from fresh cool rivers and streams to virgin, non-polluted marshy areas.
Dragonflies mostly live along cool rivers and streams. However, depending on which species, their habitats also vary with some living in marshy lands. In general, dragonflies cannot live in polluted rivers.
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