What Is a Dressmaker?


A dressmaker is a person who makes custom clothing for women. The clothing includes dresses, blouses and evening gowns. Isabel Toledo, David Emanuel and Gummo Marx are some of the notable dressmakers in the world.
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a person whose occupation is the making or alteration of women's dresses, coats, etc.
(of women's clothing) having soft lines or elaborate detail.
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A dressmaker is a person who is a seamtresshe or she or he can fix clothing and makes clothing.
1. Decide if you will lease a commercial space or start a business from your home. Contact your Small Business Association for local zoning ordinances if operating from your home.
1. Learn to sew. Learn to sew. If you don't already know how to sew, learning how is a must for dressmaking. Find a sewing class in your area, or ask someone who already knows how
It's easy enough to find a dressmaker in any of those cities, but a good one? Find one with a good reputation. Ask friends, family, coworkers, etc. Speaking as a seamstress and designer
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Dressmaking is an invaluable skill to have. It can be used as a business or to save money on clothing. A dressmaker was, in the past, called a modiste or a mantua-maker ...
Dressmake is a verb referring to make dresses and this word has its origins from the backformation known as dressmaker. A dressmaker is an individual who makes ...
To become a dressmaker, you should have a minimum of a high school diploma and powerful sewing skills. Some dressmakers finish formal training at a technical and ...
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