What Is a Dually Truck?


A dually truck is a pick-up truck with two rear wheels on each side for a toal of four rear wheels. This enables the truck to carry heavier loads. Dually trucks are quite popular in the construction industry.
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You can purchase Dually trucks from dealer showrooms across North America. There are trade publications, published on a regular schedule, showing what is available and where to go
An underbody hoist lifts up the bed of a truck via one or two hydraulic cylinders. These cylinders expand at an angle toward the back of the truck, causing the bed to tip backward
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Every truck driver needs to have at least a working knowledge of his truck's mechanics. Before every run the driver needs to check the truck to make sure it is road-worthy. If she
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What Is a Dually Truck?
Dually trucks are used for a wide variety of jobs, including construction and other commercial applications. They may be an added expense, but are often necessary depending on the work.... More »
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There aren't many jobs that a one ton dually truck can't do. Of course, this depends on the weight. A one ton dually truck can tow up to 2,000 pounds successfully ...
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