What Is a Dynamo?


A dynamo is an electric generator that uses mechanical power to produce electrical energy. Modern dynamos use commutators to produce dc current. However, generators that can produce ac current are preferred to dynamos.
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Dynamo is short for dynamoelektrischemaschine and is an electric generator. It produced direct current (DC) as opposed to alternating current (AC)
Dynamo. is a word that used to simply mean an electric generator, but today a dynamo refers to a generator which produces direct current (DC) using a commutator, an electrical switch
ATG Dynamo CRM is both a process and a business strategy. As a process, ATG Dynamo is the sum of its software components and the manner in which you collect, organize and manage customer
A dynamo is a forceful energetic individual or a generator. Thanks for using ChaCha.
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Dynamo refers to a generator which produces direct current using a commutator or an electrical switch that generates electricity from the force of a rotating rod. Its purpose is to produce electricity from mechanical power.
Dynamo is another name for an electrical generator, which means a generator that produces direct current with the use of a commutator. Dynamos were the first electrical generators.
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The dynamo effect is a theory that defines the process through which the source of the Earth's main magnetic field in terms of a self-sustaining dynamo is derived ...
A dynamo consists of a powerful field magnet between the poles of which a suitable conductor, usually in the form of a coil or armature is rotated. The magnetic ...
Dynamos produce electric current by rotating a wire within a magnetic field. Another method rotates a permanent magnet around coils of wire. Both processes produce ...
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