Echogenic Liver?


Echogenic liver is the fatty liver that causes abnormal liver blood test. This is common to obese and diabetes people among other conditions. This condition mostly has no symptom but one may feel an ache in the right upper abdomen.
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Results from a liver scan said the following: Liver is enlarged in size with echogenic parenchyma and moderate degree of attenuation. What does that mean?
It refers to the liver having strong reflectors of sound, consistent with….
Hi, Increased echogenicity may indicate fatty Xanthoma liver. In this condition fat gets deposited in the liver. Though alcohol intake can cause fatty Xanthoma liver there are many
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A diffusely echogenic liver is another way of saying fatty liver (steatosis of the liver). Often there are no symptoms associated with an echogenic liver. The ...
Heterogeneous echogenicity of the liver is when there is indication of a metastatic disease in your liver. This usually indicates that there is something wrong ...
A lesion is an abnormal growth that may appear in any part of the body including the liver. Echogenic can be defined as the capability of something to reflect ...
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