An Emperor Penguins Food Chain?


An emperor penguins food chain has a base comprising of phytoplanktons and diatoms. These tiny creatures are consumed by krill which is eaten by squid or fish. The emperor penguin then feeds on the squid and fish.
Q&A Related to "An Emperor Penguins Food Chain?"
They eat krill, fish and squid ! they eat fish, squid and crustaceans. Plus Penguins Are Eaten By Kiler whales and Sharks.
Plants, animals and fungi create energy that is transferred when one consumes another. Find a food chain by following the energy transfer from one source to the next. Bob Pflugfelder
They are near the bottom, feeding on krill, squid, and lobster
Very simple algae or lichen, and very little of that: the Emperor Penguin lives in the Antarctic!
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