What Is a Ergometer?


An ergometer is an instrument that measures the amount of work that is done by human muscles. It is a rowing machine that provides aerobic conditioning. The ergometer is best suited to people with problems such as chronic lower backs.
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a device designed to measure muscle power.
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Generally, an ergometer is any fitness device designed to measure the amount of muscle work performed during exercise. The two most common ergometers are hand crank and bicycle pedal
An instrument for measuring the amount of work done by a muscle or group of muscles.
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An upper arm ergometer is a machine that is similar to bike pedals that work the
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The term ergometer refers to an instrument for measuring the amount of work done by human muscles. It also refers to an exercise machine, equipped with an apparatus ...
1. Sit on the ergometer's seat and adjust the foot straps so that your feet are nice and tight. They should not move at all when you move the seat back and forth ...
Cycle ergometry is used for aerobic fitness tests. An athlete or any individual will pedal on a cycle ergometre at a constant workload for a number of minutes ...
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