What are the characteristics of Euglena?


The term Euglena refers to a genus of green, unicellular fresh water organisms. These organisms have a flagellum and they form a green scum on stagnant water. They are considered to have both animal and plant features.
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They are part of the protists kingdom which are eukaryote Euglena are unicellular organisms. They are plant like and are autotrophs. They mostly live in freshwater.
Euglena:1:minute single-celled green freshwater organism having a single flagella; often classed as
Euglena, n: a genus of green freshwater protozoans having a reddish eyespot and a single flagellum, found esp. in stagnant waters.
Well, both the volvox and the euglena have a nucleus , a chloroplast , and a contractile vacuole . I think that both cells have some non- reproductive cells.
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a genus of green freshwater protozoans having a reddish eyespot and a single flagellum, found especially in stagnant waters.
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Euglena is a green freshwater flagellate. It is often classified as algae since it is a single celled organism. It can be classified as a plant given that the fact that it contains chlorophyll and also makes its own food, but can also be described an animal since it has the capability of self motion by means of a tail known as a flagella.
A euglena is known as a single celled organism that lives in fresh water. This organism is most often known for creating a green scum on the surface of water.
Euglena is a genus of unicellular organism or protists that are classified in the Euglenozoa. They are known as single celled organism.
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Euglena move by beating their flagella. The flagella is a whip like feature that is similar to a tadpole. The euglena moves the flagella like a helicopter to propel ...
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