What is a Eureka can?


A Eureka can or overflow jar is a scientific equipment used to find the volume of an irregularly shaped object and thus solve for its density. Eureka is a jubilation that was uttered by a Greek scholar Archimedes, who discovered that when he entered the bath tub the water level rose an indication that his body mass replaced the water.
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The word eureka has many meanings with different origins that all vary in meaning. It is an alloy of nickel and copper with high electrical resistance and a low temperature coefficient, which is used as resistance wire. It could also be a town in northwest California on an arm of the Pacific Ocean or an interjection, which is used to celebrate a discovery, a transliteration of a word attributed to Archimedes.
Eureka can be defined as a cry of joy when one discovers something. It is also the name of a children's museum in the UK. Eureka is also the name of a search engine that offers interactive exploration through the world of famous inventors and inventions.
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