Evaporating Dish?


The evaporating dish is a laboratory device used in evaporation of solids and supernatant fluids. This device also evaporates excess water or other solvents to ensure that a dissolved substance or concentrated solution is left behind.
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Certain chemistry experimental procedures involve solutions that need to be concentrated. Concentration is done by evaporating the excess solvent using heat. In such cases, the solution
It is used to evaporate water from solution to obtain solid materials.
An evaporating dish is a small dish, used in a laboratory, that's made
a petri dish.
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What Are the Uses of an Evaporating Dish?
Students in the chemistry laboratory utilize a variety of tools to carry out chemical reactions. These generally include items made of glass and porcelain. An evaporating dish is a small, circular ceramic dish with a spout on one side for easy transfer... More »
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Evaporating dishes are used to evaporate overload water - or other solvents - to certify that a concentrated solution or the dissolved material is left behind. This laboratory device is for evaporation of solids and supernatant fluids, and it is made of porcelain or ceramic.
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