What is an example of a carnivore?


Lions, leopards, bobcats and foxes are examples of carnivores. These are organism that derives their energy as well as nutrient requirements from a diet that consists exclusively or mainly of animal tissue. These organisms have organs that they use for capturing and disarticulating their prey.
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Order Carnivora
The Order Carnivora is the result of a great radiation of mammals that ate meat. But not all meat eaters are in this order; carnivorous species can certainly be found among, for example, the marsupials, bats, primates, cetaceans... More >>
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Carnivorous animals eat other animals. Many times they will eat animals that are herbivores though they can also eat other omnivores and other carnivores. An omnivore ...
Examples of carnivores, herbivores, and omnivores are all over the world. Carnivores are meat-eating animals. Some examples of carnivores are wild cats, domesticated ...
Carnivore is a noun with several different meanings. Firstly, a carnivore is simply an animal that eats flesh. Some examples of carnivores include dogs, cats, ...
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