Examples of Media Convergence?


Media convergence means the amalgamation of mass communication outlets. Examples of media convergence include radio, television, the Internet together with portable and interactive technologies, through different digital presentation platforms.
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Media Convergence is a phrase that describes different forms of media coming together to form new types of media. A classic example of media convergence is the formation of MTV in
It has converged the political dramatization of the debt ceiling.
Convergence Media occurs when a Media like Fox merges with another station such as NBC. A recent example is when Disney merged with ABC to become their parent company.
Both. The big players are headed towards divergence from each other because they're focused on maintaining their revenue. However, there will be more sharing across platforms from
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"The flow of content across multiple media platforms, the cooperation between multiple media industries, and the migratory behaviour of media audiences" has been called media convergence .
Media has developed into brands that can offer content in a number of forms. Two examples of this are Star Wars and The Matrix. Both are films, but are also books, video games, cartoons, and action figures.
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