Give an Example of Mutualism?


An example of mutualism is the relationship between the sea anemones and anemone fish. The sea anemones offer the fish protection from predators and in return the anemonefish protect the sea anemones from butterfly fish.
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Mutualism is the biological interaction between two species of organisms, in which both parties benefit. It can be as simple as bees getting nectar from flowers while also pollinating
Mutualism is the way two organisms biologically interact where each
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Mutualistic relations between plants and
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An example of mutualism in the rainforest is the pollination of the Durian tree by bats. However, there are many other examples of mutualism in this type of ecosystem.Another ...
The most known example of mutualism that is found in the ocean is the example of the clown fish and the sea anemone. The anemone is poisonous to most fish but ...
One good example of mutualism in the desert is cacti flowers. These flowers are pollinated by moths and bees. In exchange, they get the nectar they require in ...
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