Purpose of Exhaust Resonator?


An exhaust resonator is a chamber in the exhaust system that contains a particular volume of air which is designed to cancel out some frequencies of sound made by the engine, thus making the exhaust noise quieter.
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1. Drive the vehicle up on automotive ramps or jack it up and place it on jack stands if you need it raised to obtain access to the exhaust system under the vehicle. 2. Let the vehicle
A resonator is 1 part in exhaust systems that works with the
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1. Obtain equipment: Powerful electric drill (hammer drill not needed) 2 1/8 inch Bi-metal Hole Saw (most models) Proper hole saw adapter. Cutting oil. Allen wrench (not shown) Vise
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What Is an Exhaust Resonator?
Internal combustion engines usually make a lot of noise while they are running, and this noise can be annoying and exhaustive to your ears, especially when it is heard for a long period of time. Thus, mufflers were created to reduce the noise generated... More »
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