What Is a Extemporaneous Speech?


An extemporaneous speech is a speech that is researched, outlined, and presented after a rehearsal period. In most cases the individuals giving the extemporaneous speech speak informatively regarding current events and politics. It is also known as extemp.
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1. Once you learn what the topic of your extemporaneous speech is, think your topic through. Think of some main points which you need to address in your speech. Focus on a few aspects
An extemporaneous speech can be defined as - impromptu (not planned or scheduled); or scheduled and planned for, yet not read from a prepared speech or outline when delivered.
An extemporaneous speech- done, spoken, performed, etc., without
its a speech that has been read or said without preperation or thought
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What Is an Extemporaneous Speech?
An extemporaneous speech is an impromptu speech given on any topic. Usually there is very little time to prepare for the talk. Extemporaneous speaking is also a competitive activity in which students learn to think on the spot and develop better... More »
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