What Is a Falconer?


A falconer is an individual who breeds and coaches hawks and follows the falconry sport. Falconry refers to taking of wild prey in its ordinary state and environment, by use of trained birds of prey. yes and brains are removed. When this is over, the remaining tissues are dried overnight.
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[fawl-kuh-ner, fal-, faw-kuh-]
a person who hunts with falcons or follows the sport of hawking.
a person who trains hawks for hunting.
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A falcon is a diurnal bird of prey that has long and pointed wings with a notched beak. This bird usually catches its prey by pouncing on it from above. It is ...
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The word falconer refers to a person who keeps or breeds and trains or hunts with falcons or other birds of prey such as hawks. A falcon is a bird of prey classified ...
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