What is a family reunion?


A family reunion is an event where almost every member of an extended family get together. In some families reunions are held on a regular basis, for instance on the same date of every year.
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In addition to being a popular leisure activity, family reunions are advocated by organizations such as genealogical societies as a way to connect often distant points in familial
Family reunion speeches should not be lengthy, but they should include information about who's there and what's happened since the last reunion. It's best to go slowly and mention
Una riunione di famigliais the Italian equivalent of 'family reunion'. In the word by word translation, the indefinite article 'una' means 'a, one'. The feminine gender noun 'riunione
1 If your family and extended family gets along pretty well you have the green light to start planning a big fat family reunion! Ad 2 Consider the size and theme of the event. Example
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