What Is a Family Tree?


A family tree is a sketch diagram that shows the relationship between people over family generation which includes all the descendants and the family ancestors. Family trees in a family can be used in medicine, genealogy and in social works. It is drowned with the oldest generation the top and the new generation at the bottom.
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family tree
a genealogical chart showing the ancestry, descent, and relationship of all members of a family or other genealogical group.
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A family tree is a chart representing family relationships in a conventional tree structure. The more detailed family trees used in medicine, genealogy, and social work are known as genograms. There are a nuber of family trees online that can assist you to create or locate your family tree. There are currently over 4 billion records available to search. From historical censuses and parish records, to military records and passenger lists for you to find your family tree.
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To build a family tree you'll need to do some detective work. Talk with your parents and grandparents to get any information about relatives. Be sure to take notes. Your local library
1. Using a blank family tree chart, or, on a plain sheet of paper, write your full name, birth date, and place of birth and marriage on the left side of the paper. Assign No. 1 to
Drawing a family tree you will need to decide how far down the family line you want to go. Once you know how far back you want to go you will know how big your tree will need to be.
A family tree is what is commonly referred to as a collection of a person's ancestors or relatives. Creating your family tree or charting your family's history can be as simple as
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A family tree is a chart representing family relationships in a conventional tree structure. Family trees are often presented with the oldest generations at the ...
Will Smith family tree comprise of his father and mother, Willard Christopher Smith and Caroline Bright Smith. Smith has three children namely Willard Christopher ...
A family tree is the history of a family and all of its descendants over the years. It can be used to create an organized chart of children, parents, grand-parents ...
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