What is a famous plateau?


One famous plateau is the Tibetan Plateau in central Asia, which is the largest and highest plateau in the world. The palateau extends through Tibet, China and India.

Other famous plateaus include: the Colorado Plateau and the Columbia Plateau in the United States, the Nida Plateau in Greece, the Deccan Plateau in India, the Antarctic Plateau in Antarctica, the Deosai Plains in Pakistan and the Mascarene Plateau in the Indian Ocean.

A plateau is a raised area of land that is relatively flat on top. Plateaus are found throughout the world and exist on every continent. They can form after millions of years of upward movement in the Earth's crust or from the accumulation of lava after many volcanic eruptions.

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Generally speaking it's a point at which you reach your highest point/peak and level off, no longer gaining. In much the same way a plateau sits highest on cliff, and flattens off
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