What Is a Fashion Illustrator?


A fashion illustrator is an individual who creates drawings, sketches, and other works of art pertaining to the fashion industry. They can work in a variety of environments, including design studios, fashion houses, and as freelancers.
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What Is a Fashion Illustrator?
A fashion illustrator sketches out creative ideas for clothing, accessories and outfits for those who need a visual representation. Understand the work of a fashion illustrator with advice from a fashion designer, stylist and model in this free video on... More »
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1. Sketch current fashions that you see, but add your own touches to the design. Take as many art classes as you can in high school, paying particular attention to figure drawing.
1. Make a body template to draw on. If you will be drawing a lot of clothes, you won't want to draw the body every time- just the clothes. But drawing clothes without the body sometimes
Fashion illustration began to decline in the late 1930's when "Vogue" magazine began to replace its illustrated covers with photographic images.
Fashion illustration can be quite a challenge. But for those who love it as an art form or as a craft, it can be a great experience to draw one design and see it realized into an
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Fashion Illustration is the communication of fashion that originates with drawing, painting and illustration. The main purpose of fashion illustration is to advertise ...
Fashion Illustration is the communication of fashion that originates with illustration, drawing and painting. According to Wikipedia fashion Illustration has been ...
Drawing hairstyles for fashion illustration is quite simple. First you need to know if the illustration is going to be the main focus of the drawing, or if it ...
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