What Is a Fault Line?


A fault line is a break in the surface of the Earth where one side of the break is pushed up against the other. Fault lines are caused by Earthquakes.
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Earthquake/volcanic activity occur almost exactly the. fault line. where plates about.
The New Madrid seismic zone is so named because the town of New Madrid, Missouri
( ′līn tə ′grau̇nd ′fölt ) (electricity) A defect in a power or communications line in which faulty insulation allows the conductor to make contact
A fault zone is an area where there is a large concentration of closely placed fractures in the earth, called faults. Faults are breaks in rock where the earth's crust has been disturbed
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fault line
the intersection of a fault with the surface of the earth or other plane of reference.
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A fault line is a particular area in which an earthquake is likely to occur or has occurred, due to the composition of the land. A fault line may go off only periodically, but is a dangerous place to be around!
A fault line is a place in the Earth where the continental plates grind together. When they shift in a major sort of way, we get earthquakes. Magma sometimes forces its way up at those points as well.
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