What Is a Fault Line?


A fault line is a break in the surface of the Earth where one side of the break is pushed up against the other. Fault lines are caused by Earthquakes.
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Perhaps the best known is the San Andreas Fault.
The New Madrid seismic zone is so named because the town of New Madrid, Missouri
The plates of the San Andreas fault spread horizontally next to each other at three main locations. Two of these locations are the Southern and Central Segments. The Southern Segment
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fault line
the intersection of a fault with the surface of the earth or other plane of reference.
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A fault line is a particular area in which an earthquake is likely to occur or has occurred, due to the composition of the land. A fault line may go off only periodically, but is a dangerous place to be around!
A fault line is a place in the Earth where the continental plates grind together. When they shift in a major sort of way, we get earthquakes. Magma sometimes forces its way up at those points as well.
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