What Is a Feature of Phospholipids?


Phospholipids form the cell membranes in the body. A feature of phospholipid structure is that the fatty acid tails are non-polar while the phosphate heads are very polar, resulting in a solubility-challenged molecule. When exposed to an aqueous environment, phospholipids form bilayers where the polar heads turn towards the water molecules and the non-polar tails hide from them.
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A phospholipid bilayer is what makes up the plasma membrane in a cell. The properties of these phospholipids are what allow the cell to be selective in what can go in or out of the
a. highly susceptible to oxidation. b. resistant to digestion. c. found naturally only in animal foods. d. soluble in both water and fat. Answer: d. soluble in both water and fat.
The most important property of the lipid
Phospholipids are a class of lipids and are a major component of all cell membranes.
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The most important feature of phospholipids is the presence of fatty acids, which are hydro carbon chains. Phospholipids are made in the cytosol and they are important components in the body, because they form the cells of membranes.
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