What Is a Feature Story?


A feature story in journalistic terms, is an article in newspapers, magazine or on the internet which is intended to add depth and perspective in a story. It mostly dwells on the background of an event and gives a human interest perspective to a story or a commentary on a particular issue.
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Video Transcript. Hi, my name is Laura and today I'm going with talk with you today about how to write a feature story. So you've been chosen to write a feature story by your magazine
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Ask most people what a feature story is, and they'll say something soft and puffy, written for the arts or fashion section of the newspaper or website. But in fact, features can be
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feature story
a newspaper or magazine article or report of a person, event, an aspect of a major event, or the like, often having a personal slant and written in an individual style.
the main or most prominent story in a magazine.
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A feature story is an article in newspapers, magazine or on the internet which does not intend to break any news but to add further depth and perspective. Often it concentrates on the background of an event.
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