What Is a Female Cow Called?


A young female cow is called a 'heifer'. However, the mature female of the species is called a 'cow'. One should note that, contrary to popular usage of the term cow to refer to the entire group of animals, the group name is cattle.
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A baby cow is called a calf. A female cow will grow into a heifer which a heifer is a cow that has not had a calf yet and once it has a calf it will be considered a cow.
What anatomy? What part of the cow are you referring to? (And I'm referring to the so-called "female cows" [which are actually females, by the way, not just males and/or
A cow is the female form and a bull is the male form.
The rear or hindquarter.
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A female Cow is called a cow or heifer.
A young female cow is called a Heifer and if its a fully grown one then its just simply a cow.
A female cow is actually just called a cow. Cow is the term used to describe female cattle. Bull is the name used to describe male cattle.
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Although cattle are often collectively referred to as cows, the word cow specifically refers to females of the cattle species that have given birth to at least ...
Cattle and rhinoceros share the same names for their babies, males and females. The babies are called calves, the males bull and the females cow. A group of rhinoceros ...
There are no boy cows. There are only female cows that are known to produce milk. The male version of cattle is known as a bull. ...
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