What is a female turkey called?


An adult female turkey is called a hen, while a female under 1 year old is called a jenny. Male and female turkeys that are less than a few months old are called poults.

Adult male turkeys are called gobblers. An immature male turkey that is less than 1 year old is known as a jake.

Male turkeys are larger than their female counterparts, and they have beards of thick, coarse, hair-like feathers that grow down from the center of their chests and resemble a horse's tail. Males also have brightly colored heads in shades of blue, red and white, while females often have grey heads.

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A hen.
A Hen is a female turkey. A domestic turkey weighs twice as much as a wild turkey. Thank you! We are
A female turkey is called a hen. Male turkeys are also called "Tom Turkeys" or "Gobblers." Female turkeys can lay up to 18 eggs!
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A female Wild Turkey is called a jen.
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