What Is a Fiduciary Bond?


A fiduciary bond is a judicial bond that guarantees that the court appointed an executor or guardian. It's required by the court in order to protect a person for whom the fiduciary is acting. The responsibilities could range from managing an estate to giving financial advice.
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What Is a Fiduciary Bond?
A fiduciary is a person who has an obligation to manage assets for the benefit of another. There are many forms of fiduciary duty, such as the holding of funds in escrow by an attorney. In almost all cases, though, fiduciary bonds are issued for... More »
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In most states, a court-appointed fiduciary will have to take out a surety bond, though this requirement can be waived by the beneficiary if she is competent to do so. If the fiduciary
Are you looking for an ERISA bond? Erisa and other fiduciary bonds are priced based on assets within the plan along with other factors that help the carriers understand the risk of
Contact your insurance agent. They have business relations with bonding companies. The amount of the bond premium will depend on the amount of your grandmother's assets.
ERISA requires that a bond be established for most qualified plans for at least 10% of the current value of the plan assets. The minimum amount of the bond is the lesser of ten percent
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The executor is a fiduciary of the estate. This means that he must act in the utmost of good faith and loyalty toward handling and administrating the deceased's ...
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