What Is a Fifa Lien?


A FIFA lien is a legal writ that has been issued by the tax commissioner against a taxpayer so that his/her property can be seized. This is done with the intention of selling the property to satisfy the tax amount.
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Neither the IRS nor your local county tax assessor takes kindly to not receiving money that's due. A tax lien is a common way for various government agencies or jurisdictions to collect
Liens. Basically a lien is a legal instrument giving a person, business, etc. the legal right to take, hold or sell another person's property for debt or restitution of some sort.
What a "Pre-Lien" is depends upon the state. It can be a Preliminary Lien Notice that notifies the owner(s) lender(s) and primary contractor that you have been contracted
Contrary to popular belief, the next of kin is not responsible for paying the debts of a deceased family member. The only exception is if the deceased has a co-borrower on any loans
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