What Is a Fifa Lien?


A FIFA lien is a legal writ that has been issued by the tax commissioner against a taxpayer so that his/her property can be seized. This is done with the intention of selling the property to satisfy the tax amount.
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It is important to note that a lien does not convey ownership of a defendant's property to a petitioner. Rather, a lien is a legal claim against the defendant's property that acts
Liens. Basically a lien is a legal instrument giving a person, business, etc. the legal right to take, hold or sell another person's property for debt or restitution of some sort.
An auto lien means that another person has a claim to the auto too. It is not owned outright. Auto liens are usually entered into when an auto purchase is financed through a bank
Contrary to popular belief, the next of kin is not responsible for paying the debts of a deceased family member. The only exception is if the deceased has a co-borrower on any loans
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